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Rapunzel and Flynn Difference

Rapunzel and Flynn Difference

Who doesn’t adore animated movies? They are just fantastic, aren’t they? We simply enjoy watching every of them mostly because of their sweet and romantic movie story just like this one that I want to present to you. I know that you have heard about a gorgeous girl with extremely long hair, Rapunzel. Except, her hair is just beautiful, it has also a healing abilities. But, I didn’t invite you here to talk about the movie, but to have fun. I want to select Rapunzel and Flynn Difference game and entertain yourself during fulfilling the game task. And, the task is about finding 5 differences hidden in the most amazing pictures taken form the same names film. Have fun!


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Do not forget to look for fun with baby games whenever you have time for that.  For everything else, such as for your mood, you should rely on this cute game just as cute as a baby who needs to be brought to the doctor in order to prescribe some medicines and get over the flu. Good luck!

Saving And Caring Puppy


Help the helpless is an excellent motto in life. If it is anything in your power, don’t hesitate to help someone in trouble. Such behavior is invaluable, so you should always try to give required help. However, most helpless creatures in the world are little pets. If this fact is combined with bad weather conditions, then you are really caught up in the situation when you need to help a cute puppy left outside at the rain. It is all wet and hungry, so you have to bath it and feed it. Also, the best thing is left for the last. Dress up this adorable doggy. Can you do all this?

Disney Hidden Numbers


Cartoons are the most-used entertainment by the side of children. They learn very fast all the cartoon characters and enjoy into their adventures. Lately, this kind of entertainment has been replaced with a computer, but kids still looking for computer games that have some sort of connection with the cartoons. Here’s a terrific game that recoups several famous Disney animated movies. According to this, images from these films are used for hiding numbers. Thus, Disney Hidden Numbers game emerged simply to attempt your observer abilities and certainly, it is very necessary to love cartoons. You need to find 15 hidden numbers in order to move to the next level and experience the next adventure even better than the previous one. I wish you a pleasant entertainment!

Princess And The Frog


Every little girl wants to be a princess. And, it is so rightful thing because girl-baby is always called the little princess. Also, children grow up with stories and cartoons about princesses. But, fairy tales are the most famous places where princesses are hidden. Whichever fairy tale you choose, it will introduce you with the most beautiful girl who has a beautiful story that barely waits to be read. Sometimes, some fairy tale enters into the big screen, so it’s wonderful to watch it instead of reading it. Here’s a tale that has its own animated movie and now, it has a computer game of the same name and with the same character. Princess and the Frog is a proper game for girls. If you select to play it you will see some very important steps in the care of female beauty. It is an area which certainly the girls are interested in. Have a great time!

Baby Hazel at the Beach

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Don’t you miss this extremely fun game online. Rather, reserve the right thing for your own leisure and open the summer season. Weather outside is hot and sunny, so it is the perfect time to look for some fun on the beach. Your favorite baby, Baby Hazel is waiting for you to pack some things and spend a day together. You have two bags in which you need to put the right items. Then, give to baby Hazel everything she wants in order to be entertained. There are lots of toys and beach accessories for keeping her attention since you need to watch out on her happiness. Trust me, it will be fun!

Snow White Slider


You have discovered just another sunning game taken right from your favorite fairy tale. Snow White is the main character in the fairy tale as well as in this game. Prepare your puzzle skills since they are needed to solve this slider game. Here what is it about! Look at this magnificent picture full of love. You will notice that it is all there together. You will see the Snow White, the handsome prince and the 7 dwarfs. But, after you click the play button, everything will be mixed up. So, your task is to bring back each small square of this image into the right place by sliding it. You don’t have to be fast since this game has no time limit. Also, you may use the hint buttons if you run into some problems. Click on the background or graphic button in order to ease your task. By the way, the main goal of this game is to preserve fun only for you!

Baby Hazel Brushing Time


It is a very cute baby we have above, isn’t it? Yes it is, baby Hazel is a very beautiful baby girl with some demanding. She has to brush her teeth since it is a very important issue for the personal hygiene. Things like this suppose to be learned since an early age, so she wants to start on time. If you want to help, this is the right time for that. You need to pick up the required accessories for brush time activity and show to baby Hazel what to do first. She is a very nice baby and she will do whatever you ask her to do. If you have some problems, you always have different toys to call them for help. I know that you will find fun if you select this game. All the best!

iPhone Mystery


A normal communication among people wasn’t imaginable without phones several decades ago. Later, they were replaced whit mobile devices as the newest invention. They greatly facilitate people’s life. Today it’s impossible to find a person without mobile phone. And, each year, mobiles become more and more sophisticated. Now, we have already entered the era of iPhones. They are real small miracles in the hands of people who know how to use all their potentials. But, sometimes it happens to lose our phone and we are sad because of that. Maybe it is not a big deal for us but, certainly is for Steve Jobs. He must find his iPhone and heeds your help. Above is the map with all places where he was last 24 hours.


You can start your search from which place you like. I have started from the Hugo’s Restaurant and I’m moving forward. The aim of this game is to enjoy, but be aware the the time for this exciting job is limited to 8 minutes. Good luck!

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An inspiration for a good computer game, certainly can give holidays from our life. It is so because holidays bring many happy and fun moments and as well the game is expected to be fun and entertaining. Usually these games are for kids, but also adults sometimes may fill their free time. So, let us check some facts. Halloween is one of the most interesting and joyful holidays mostly because of making and wearing masks. This is the reason that children are trying to choose the most beautiful costumes and hope to be more and more creative each next year. If you love this holiday, then you should check also, this game. It is a very fun and addictive game that can hold your attention for a long time. And, you can test your observing abilities, too. Play and have fun!