Carolina Sandoval in Paris

Carolina chooses Paris for her next destination. Actually, she is attracted by the fact that every great artist has either lived and worked in Paris or stayed there for a while. Many of the famous artists have devoted one part of their lives to Paris. Therefore, this city is full of tourists in all seasons. Do not be among the once who have not walked yet through Elysian Fields or haven’t seen the most beautiful views that are provided from the Eiffel Tower. I wish you unforgettable trip if you join Carolina Sandoval In Paris. First, she will take you to Louver and you need to find her for 25 seconds. Notre Dame is her second location and if you find her fast, your time will be extended. Hurry up, find her under La Tour Eiffel, but do not make wrong clicks because it will take away a few precious seconds of your time. I hope this is sufficient to intrigue a bit!