Brain Spa 4

You can find the real fun anywhere around. But, the best entertainment provides computer games. They are getting under the skin on a very subtle way. So, we can’t resist them. I prefer games that challenge mental abilities. They are forcing you to think of every next step. So, they are the most interesting for my taste. Brain Spa 4 is one of those kinds of games. You will surely fall in love on the first sight because it is contagious. This game does not leave you alone until you find a solution to the next level. And, each following is more difficult and complicated than the previous one, but it is more challenging for your mental system. Your task is to bring one cube to the another with the same color. While you are putting them together, there are various obstructions seemingly insurmountable. When you start to think a little bit, you will see that there is a solution for each obstruction. I hope you will enjoy as much as I do, right from the beginning. After all this time, I still come back to this cool game. All the best!