A Bugs Life

This post is dealing with one dilemma. How do you find the Insects, are they fun or boring? What response prevails for you? I can bring up to you one modest opinion. It is sure that these little tiny creatures provoke great interest. They are attracting or annoying, mainly because of their appearance or habits. Almost all of the bugs have wings and produce sound when they move them. It bothers to some people and just because of that, they do not like the insects. Even there are people who are scared of insect’s bite. Sometimes, it can be very serious. But, also there is another group of insects which delights with their appearance. Their beautiful colors and patterns can compete for beauty contests. You may assume that I think about butterflies. They are completely harmless and we enjoy while we are looking them. But however, liked them or not, insects are everywhere around us, regardless where we live. Without them, the nature food chain can’t evolve, so no matter of your answer, insects are very important tie of the natural systems. Look this picture above the text. Aren’t they cute?