Cindderella Hidden Numbers

I really want to know if there is anyone who does not believe that love conquers all. Only true love can survive despite all adversities which may happen. And, obstacles always happen for sure! But, we all know that love powers and its force are immense to overcome all obstacles. Love embrace is unmistakable gift and its size fits everyone. So, we all strive for that gift. The most beautiful period in our life is the time of falling in love. But, every love cannot be called a love story. It depends very much on the outcome. No matter how interesting is the course of some love, more important is its end, in fact, should not be an end there. True love is one that lasts forever, just like in fairy tales. One great love is described in the Cinderella fairy tale. We all know what kind of obstacles Cinderella had in her way to real love. Nothing could stop her to find herself in the arms of the Prince. You know the rest of the story. But if you want to follow the already well-known fairy tale through beautiful images, you can do it if you choose the same named hidden object game. You will remember every detail of it while you are looking for the hidden numbers in the images. You will also enjoy in the game as you enjoy when you read a fairy tale for the first time. Good luck!