Exciting Shopping

I know you like go shopping very much. I also know you like doing it even every day. And, nobody knows why it is never bored. The favorite activity of each young person is visiting every boutique in the city. Choosing different clothes can last for hours until we find things we seek for. Sometimes we need a little help of some friends. Then, shopping becomes very easy and fun. But, right excitement brings certain amount of money allowed for spending. We always need some special clothes for going out. Especially, if we are invited to a very important party, then we want to look perfect. Panic is gripping us what to wear. That is way our friend Debby seeks help from you. She invites you to shop together in order to decide what to buy. The party is very important, so she must look the best she can. She wants to visit all the shops in the town because you have to help her buys shoes, dresses and handbags. You must go to the hairdresser as well to help her which hairstyle to choose. Have a great time!