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Lost In The Tribes

Lost In The Tribes

History is a very exact and grateful science. Without it, we could not lead our life today. It gives us information about the ancient past. So, that information is very important and makes understanding the developmental course of the man. From his very beginning to the present days, history tirelessly writes its pages and tries to teach us not to repeat mistakes that have marked certain periods of the past. History digs into the most hidden places of the planet in order to gives us the best explanations about life back then. A great interest causes the question how life used to be organized for centuries ago. There are many theories and hypothesis, some acceptable, some not, some suspicious, but all they agree that man has always lived in the community. Man’s original community was the tribe. Tribes were pretty closed groups of people that included members by consanguinity. Each member had its own role in maintaining of the tribal life and no one could get into the tribe easily. Therefore, lost of a member had always represented a major problem. Be lost in the tribe is a serious issue and its resolution requires help from others. Do you want to help?



Dolls are best friends to the girls. They even follow them through whole their childhood. So, female children have a large number of dolls in various sizes and all shapes. They like to play with dolls all the time. Therefore, girls always carry dolls with them. But, on the other hand, boys love completely different toys. However, kids have so many choices today that no child lacks a toy. There are toys for everyone’s pocket. So, every parent can afford them in order to cheer up their children on the way home. But, it is not always been like this. Toys were not available to each child. Because of that, adults were forced to make toys for their kids. In those times, everybody could be the master of toys. Therefore, toys were made of various materials familiar to that time. Do not be surprised how girls were playing without dolls. Certainly, they had dolls, only handmade and composed of several pieces stitched one to another. Do you like to try that skill? You may want to see how such a doll looks like. Come together to seek for the necessary parts for making most beautiful doll. Have a good fun!

Book Of The Dead

A lot of time, effort and education are required for any kind of profession. Man thinks a lot before he needs to opt for own vocations. Mainly, he is led by the profits, but sometimes by the pleasure that profession provides. A big fortune is when you do what you love. Then, you are the most productive for the job and the most fulfilled for the soul. Therefore, it represents a blend of beautiful and useful. But, very few of us have that kind of luck. Generally, we are struggling with our costs. On the other hand, the job you like to do, it is always good paid because then you are excellent worker. What do you think, in which profession you can experience the great excitement? I put the detective work in the first place of the list. This is a very dynamic and uncertain work. Every investigator must have a large number of well-developed senses and skills. Sense of making clues have the crucial importance for solving the cases. Also, detective must have sense for justice, humanity, responsibility, commitment and accuracy. And many, many other features, but now I could think of these only. When you invest in your job all that you have to help someone, there is no greater reward for your efforts. However, an entirely different story brings excitement while some case is solving. Fill free to select Book of the Dead for a little excitement while collecting evidence. Best of luck!

Treasure Of Pirates

Treasure Of Pirates

How wonderful sounds excitement! It is a powerful word which only uttered makes your heart beating faster. A little excitement is useful to enrich your lives. But, some people love a big thrill. For them, we say that they are addicted to adrenaline. They always have to do something terribly exciting. Very much similar to this term is adventure. Word adventure is almost always associated with great excitements because it makes to face with the unknown. The unknown things lead to new experiences and those to adrenaline. What do you think about the amount of adrenaline, how much will be released in your body, if you suddenly see the pirates? Do you may remain indifferent when they look at you with one eye only since the other is always covered with a bandage? It is terrible, right? Can you tell me how much you are prepared for such an adventure? You should check your heart beat!

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I love to travel a lot. For me, traveling is the same as living. You can never gain so much experience as you can on one trip for a short time. A rich man is one who has perception of the world around him. If you want to understand some unknown things, you must see them with own eyes. Like that, you are able to form your own opinion. Remember, you should never let you be guided by someone else words. People who are full of prejudices are those who do not allow different persons from them to enter into their lives. This is a big problem of today’s world. Therefore, traveling makes you to be more open to the world and trough that, to be a better man than you are. It is very nice when you have the opportunity to do so. Or you can save some money during the year and spend them useful on summer holiday. For everyone else, I know that is not the same, but there are several other ways to see some further destination. Travel reportage is inviting you gently from every TV channel. As well as computer games that can offer the best place for the trip. Choose your travel transportation and wouldn’t be a single place on the earth map where you cannot reach. In return, bring me a souvenir only. Happy trip!

Hidden Alphabets The Little Mermaid

What is the thing that can fascinate you the most? Let me be the first to answer. The most fascinating thing, by my opinion, is the mythical beings and the eternal mystery of their existence. Whether they really existed once or simply, they are figment. Therefore, among all those strange names known even today, the mermaids are the cutest to me. Also, the stories of their appearance are as much stunning. The mermaids were very beautiful women with very beautiful voices. Everybody stood at its way to listen while they were singing. But, they were very proud of their voices and challenged Muses – the protectors of art, on competition. Understandably, the mermaids lost from them. To punish mermaids, muses turned them into a half woman and half fish. What do you think? Does the story of their origin seem possible to you? Or simply, you think that they were invented to become the best children’s friends from the fairy tales. We all know, the fairy tales are amazing stories where everything is possible. They are creating a special world, the world of fantasies and desires, the world of entertainment. Everybody wants to hide into their world. Because of this reasons, the game I want to present, just took one fantastic fairy tale for its task. Therefore, this is its way to provide you a little fun and recreation in your free time. Choose it, maybe you will like it!


Nowadays, we are living a fast life, so we have a very little time for fun. And, it is a big absurd since there is a huge number of ways to have fun. However, when you find some free time, you start right away looking for entertainment. What will you choose, depends on your character. Therefore, I can say for myself that my amount of spare time allows me to search for different hobbies. Sometimes it was discovering big wisdom in books. I was reading a lot and it was everything I could reach. But, it doesn’t last long, until I discovered computer. It is one magnificent discovery which has addictive power on people. Computer just devours your whole time. Especially, computer games have captured my attention for a long time. You cannot get rid of them until you find the answer to their task. Don’t tell anyone, even today I gladly play games. I like those games which ask you to involve your brain. Their solution depends only on your thinking, not on random chance. So, it is a great challenge for everyone. Select this game and find out whether you can answer to this challenge!

Kids Wall Decals

Kids Wall Decals

Children are the greatest treasure we can ever have. Their power runs the world and the whole future is in their hands. So, everything we do is dedicated to them or in their benefit. We invest a lot of energy in their upbringing and education. But, the computer games are completely responsible for their free time. Here is one such a game and you can feel free to recommend it to your children. It is a very interesting game which prepared a fun task for kids. So, your aim is to find several hidden objects scattered all over the kids rooms. When you find one, it will disappear from the list placed at the top of your screen. The game has made an effort to hinder your task because all items are well hidden and barely noticeable on the wall. They are almost equal to the background. You will gain 250 points for every correct click. Therefore, you need to open your eyes well and concentrate. I sincerely hope that wouldn’t be a big problem, if you are a fan of hidden object games. It should be only stimulation for proving yourselves that you can win every game like this.