Nowadays, we are living a fast life, so we have a very little time for fun. And, it is a big absurd since there is a huge number of ways to have fun. However, when you find some free time, you start right away looking for entertainment. What will you choose, depends on your character. Therefore, I can say for myself that my amount of spare time allows me to search for different hobbies. Sometimes it was discovering big wisdom in books. I was reading a lot and it was everything I could reach. But, it doesn’t last long, until I discovered computer. It is one magnificent discovery which has addictive power on people. Computer just devours your whole time. Especially, computer games have captured my attention for a long time. You cannot get rid of them until you find the answer to their task. Don’t tell anyone, even today I gladly play games. I like those games which ask you to involve your brain. Their solution depends only on your thinking, not on random chance. So, it is a great challenge for everyone. Select this game and find out whether you can answer to this challenge!