Hidden Alphabets The Little Mermaid

What is the thing that can fascinate you the most? Let me be the first to answer. The most fascinating thing, by my opinion, is the mythical beings and the eternal mystery of their existence. Whether they really existed once or simply, they are figment. Therefore, among all those strange names known even today, the mermaids are the cutest to me. Also, the stories of their appearance are as much stunning. The mermaids were very beautiful women with very beautiful voices. Everybody stood at its way to listen while they were singing. But, they were very proud of their voices and challenged Muses – the protectors of art, on competition. Understandably, the mermaids lost from them. To punish mermaids, muses turned them into a half woman and half fish. What do you think? Does the story of their origin seem possible to you? Or simply, you think that they were invented to become the best children’s friends from the fairy tales. We all know, the fairy tales are amazing stories where everything is possible. They are creating a special world, the world of fantasies and desires, the world of entertainment. Everybody wants to hide into their world. Because of this reasons, the game I want to present, just took one fantastic fairy tale for its task. Therefore, this is its way to provide you a little fun and recreation in your free time. Choose it, maybe you will like it!