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I love to travel a lot. For me, traveling is the same as living. You can never gain so much experience as you can on one trip for a short time. A rich man is one who has perception of the world around him. If you want to understand some unknown things, you must see them with own eyes. Like that, you are able to form your own opinion. Remember, you should never let you be guided by someone else words. People who are full of prejudices are those who do not allow different persons from them to enter into their lives. This is a big problem of today’s world. Therefore, traveling makes you to be more open to the world and trough that, to be a better man than you are. It is very nice when you have the opportunity to do so. Or you can save some money during the year and spend them useful on summer holiday. For everyone else, I know that is not the same, but there are several other ways to see some further destination. Travel reportage is inviting you gently from every TV channel. As well as computer games that can offer the best place for the trip. Choose your travel transportation and wouldn’t be a single place on the earth map where you cannot reach. In return, bring me a souvenir only. Happy trip!