Dolls are best friends to the girls. They even follow them through whole their childhood. So, female children have a large number of dolls in various sizes and all shapes. They like to play with dolls all the time. Therefore, girls always carry dolls with them. But, on the other hand, boys love completely different toys. However, kids have so many choices today that no child lacks a toy. There are toys for everyone’s pocket. So, every parent can afford them in order to cheer up their children on the way home. But, it is not always been like this. Toys were not available to each child. Because of that, adults were forced to make toys for their kids. In those times, everybody could be the master of toys. Therefore, toys were made of various materials familiar to that time. Do not be surprised how girls were playing without dolls. Certainly, they had dolls, only handmade and composed of several pieces stitched one to another. Do you like to try that skill? You may want to see how such a doll looks like. Come together to seek for the necessary parts for making most beautiful doll. Have a good fun!