Lost In The Tribes

History is a very exact and grateful science. Without it, we could not lead our life today. It gives us information about the ancient past. So, that information is very important and makes understanding the developmental course of the man. From his very beginning to the present days, history tirelessly writes its pages and tries to teach us not to repeat mistakes that have marked certain periods of the past. History digs into the most hidden places of the planet in order to gives us the best explanations about life back then. A great interest causes the question how life used to be organized for centuries ago. There are many theories and hypothesis, some acceptable, some not, some suspicious, but all they agree that man has always lived in the community. Man’s original community was the tribe. Tribes were pretty closed groups of people that included members by consanguinity. Each member had its own role in maintaining of the tribal life and no one could get into the tribe easily. Therefore, lost of a member had always represented a major problem. Be lost in the tribe is a serious issue and its resolution requires help from others. Do you want to help?