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Bad luck jumps behind every corner at any time. Accidents happen so often that when you hear about them on the news, you not look back. Disasters like plane crashes, car accidents, earthquake, floods and so on are daily news. Man is helpless when it comes to the power of nature. Human being is learning whole his life how to use the best of some situation. It is a real knowledge to react quickly and calm in a panic situation. The most important of all, is to know how to control fear, which is mandatory present when our life is in danger. Have you ever thought how can you manage in the wild? Imagine a situation that you have found yourself in unfamiliar territory after an accident. However, you don’t have a clue what forest hides? Where to start? Certainly you should take a first step and it would be exploring the environment. The next is to remember of all the survival shows you have watched. They always warn of the animals that live there as a danger you need to avoid. Clean water for drinking has vital importance for everyone lost in the forest. You need to seek for it as quickly as you can and for all the rest, you have to think calmly. Also, you search for food and heat source. It means, for surviving you need to find all objects in the forest, which you can use for rescue and survival. You must use everything you have in order to find a way out. Best of luck!