Charlie In Play School

Schooling period is the best period of our lives. Small children impatiently wait to start the school. From that moment begin their educational problems and nausea. Each school day brings new responsibilities and less time for play. The parents allow us to play with friends, but after you finish all the homework for the next day. It sometimes can be very hard especially if your buddies are waiting outside. All these adventures are characteristic for the whole period of schooling. But, when the end is near we start to realize that we grow up and immediately we miss all of that. Very often we want to recover somehow those memories. Prepare yourself for returning to school. I offer you some memorable entertainment if you choose this game and go to school with Charlie. You have to remember all what you have been doing back those days. Re-live all your daily activities while you were a pupil. Yet, I think that we love the school because of the break between classes and also for the play. So many cheerful children’s voices can be heard in the schoolyard only. Can you think of the games you most liked and of headaches, which sets the math? Are you willing to live again just one more such a day? Also, those ones who still go to school can come. Here, you don’t have to solve any lesson, only to look carefully at pictures and find all the spots where the differences are. Good luck!