Museum Tour

Here is one way how to spend a nice day. From myriad of contents, which are available to us I will separate aside the visit of nearest museum. You can also invite friends to go with you in order to be even more interesting. Museum is a special place where you can see very interesting and valuable objects. And, the things you have seen will stay long in your memory. But, if you do not have opportunities for that, there are computer games that you will bring part of the atmosphere. For this purpose, I will offer a Museum Tour hidden differences game. It is about one amazing searching game that causes your observation abilities. So, the game is composed of several images taken from the national museum and I have to mention they are wonderful. It means, your job is to find five differences in two identical pictures. When you notice a difference just click on that spot and you’ll win points. But, be careful if you make a mistake, it will cost you 5 points of your results. Enjoy in the game and looking around the museum!