Ball Lines

Do you want to try a really addictive game? Since I discover it, I can’t leave it and I’m constantly trying to reach a higher level. I’m talking about the Ball Lines game, which has such power to steal away your free time and you won’t even notice. Select this game and see for yourself how true my words are and imagine all this doesn’t cost anything. Do you know anybody else who can provide you a free entertainment? Of course, computer games can do that, especially those ones which occupy your attention with various interesting tasks. So, you are entertaining yourself while you are trying to solve their tasks. For that, you need a little bit of concentration and strategic thinking in order to predict the next step. Here’s its content! There is one board in front of you with balls in several colors. Your goal is to assemble 5 or more balls in a row to make them disappear from the board. Such a line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Whenever you can’t make a row of the requested balls, 3 new ones will appear on the table. The aim of the game is to complete the required number of rows for each level and don’t let the board be filled with balls. Have a nice time!