Private Eye Sisi

I want to tell you about my great excitement when I first saw insectariums. I have loved biology the most of all other subjects and each new lesson was like revelation for me. I think that discovering the world around you is the best thing you can do it for yourself. Biology helps in it a lot, so during the entire lectures my attention remained focused on the scientific explanations how some natural system, an organism or a chemical process function? It is wonderful to discover gradually a wildlife that inhabits our planet. You may find all this into the pages of biology. But, as I said I was fascinated of insectariums. It is a real joy to have the opportunity of seeing in personal many different kinds of insects on one location. So, you may see all kinds of insects that you never knew they have existed. Now, you can count how many legs, wings or eyes they have because they are in front of you. However, it is a little bit sad that they had to be killed, but in the name of science unforeseen casualties are frequent. But, if you are a supporter for animal rights, here’s one harmless way for exploring the variety of insects and other animals. Select Private Eye Sisi and watch them all under the magnifying glass!