Can you say for yourself that you are brave? Or, how far your courage reaches? I think that if you want to explore something new, then it is inevitable to have courage. This is also closely related to a preparedness to take risks. Discovering the unknown requires great risk-taking, especially if it is about your job. Then, you must be prepared on everything your boss asks you to do. Imagine this; you are a journalist sent on a mission of making a story about one mysterious town. You have never been there before and never heard that it is possible disappearance of cats on its streets. Very strange, is not it? How about this situation, would you go on a mysterious journey on which you do not know what to expect. The real worker and a true fan of his job will have no doubt, but he will go immediately to buy the ticket. So, I offer you a free ticket for such kinds of a mysterious journey. Mysteryville is the place you need to visit. You should follow the game instructions on the way and give your best to prove that you’re the right person for this job. Best of luck!