Jenny Crazy Room
One of the basic human obligations is cleaning after use. It is necessary to return things at their right place every day. If for some unknown reason, we are delaying this duty, the big problem arises. We are facing with a big mess that is difficult to repair it fast or which it requires a long time to return everything to its place. So, if you are acting nonchalant with cleaning the house, then you should expect to be found yourself into an awkward situation especially when suddenly some friends have arrived. Then, you won’t have enough time to clean up all this mess due to the fact that we don’t want our friends to see that. However, according to this, it is best to clear immediately after using some object or to use everyone’s help when your friends are suddenly come. So, Jenny is caught in this kind of situation and now, she is calling for help. Her room is in a big mess and friends are just about to arrive. Hurry up to clean her room. As we have said before, time for arranging the room is short, so make sure to be as much effective to find all the items from the given list quickly. I hope that cleaning the room in a hurry is fun for you!