Books are the most honest man’s friend. It’s so true. Despite all today’s modern discoveries of information transmission, however, the books did not lose anything of their value. They continue to be published and read and this fact is very commendable. Their pages kept secrets of all that has been discovered and experienced so far. So, because of their high value, it must be made places for their safekeeping. Libraries are the true guardians of the knowledge. Today, libraries are easily accessible to anyone who has the desire of reading and educating. And, there is no better way for that than to visit your nearest library. When you walk into the library, you will get overflow of feelings because you are in the place where all the wisdom and knowledge are in front of you. And, only libraries can satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Also, they can be a place for entertainment. You can choose something fun to read or you can get guaranteed fun with a game Library. The game action takes place in a well equipped library that was selected for hiding objects. Among all these bookshelves are hidden certain items. Your task is to find them all in limited time. Search very well the image and watch out on the wrong clicks. They take valuable time away. I wish you a good fun!