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What is the most important thing for one person or a better question would be the thing that no one can take away from you is? You might know the answer right away or maybe you need a little time to think about. I know I will get many different answers that could be equally acceptable. But, what is only ours and a very important at the same time, is our personal education. It is about each person’s individual stamp necessary to distinguish between people. Invest in yourself means educate yourself and never stop upgrading your knowledge. For me, it is the most payable investment which slowly reaping the fruits of your efforts. Education guarantees safe future and worry-free old age. However, a good education can be acquired at the world famous universities. There are too many of them, today. If you’re one of the lucky ones to study at Alma Mater University, then I found a real companion on this topic. For everyone else, I may freely say – don’t give up trying to gather important information by already known ways. Internet is one of them. So, you should never stop learning and during your breaks, play computer games. Start with this one!