Hidden Souvenirs

I have a very interesting question to ask you today. Tell me do you know what is the thing that continues after its end? I promise that I will deal very carefully with all your answers, but maybe it is a right time to say my answer, as well. For me, memories from trips are the only long-term things. When an event is over, memories are there to extend it for a long time. In fact, memory may actually last as long as it was a nice event in question. When I think about it little deeper, memories are individual category and depends on our ability to memorize things. I should say for myself that I can remember equally beautiful and ugly events, although I’m persistently trying to forget on all bad things. But, it isn’t working well to me, yet. Therefore, I freely say that memories are the only culprits why events have no end. I would certainly never make the beautiful journeys have end. Especially, important travels are those that includes visit the world’s great metropolises. London, Paris and Kyoto are indescribably beautiful cities. Do you already visit them? I’m not and I do not believe that I will ever have the opportunity for it. But, it does not stop me to travel. I choose Hidden Souvenirs game and embark on an unforgettable journey. You should try, too!