Hidden Smileys
Everything that we feel and experience can be noticed on our face. Or, wise men might say that you can see the soul of some person through his face. That is quite accurate. In fact, I would agree with it since I belong to that group of people, but I do not know about you. I guess it is up to the type of person. Some people know how to cover up their state of the soul, but someone no matter how much they are trying to do that, still it can be noticed that something is wrong. However, no one can hide the joy. Actually, the true joy does not need to be concealed. It’s wonderful to see a person with a smile since every person is much more beautiful until is laughing. You must be met the smiling faces by now. Recognizable yellow faces with smiles jump out from every text messages. Of course, we all know what that means and then we smiled back quietly at each smiley. They have become familiar all over the world and everyone knows their meaning. Their number is equal to the changes on the face of the man while feeling various emotions. Simply, we could not imagine how messages via mobile phone would look like with no additional help of the yellow smileys. For anyone who likes to use them, here’s one game as an opportunity to play with them in a different way. If you are happy to see their face moods, you should look for them into some beautiful pictures. They are hiding behind all that they can use as a shelter. Good luck!