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Human brain never rests. It is run constantly by conscious and unconscious impulses. Brain works even when we sleep. If we imagine our body like one symphonic orchestra, the brain is its maestro. Therefore, nothing in our body would work properly without its big role. Although we have not completely figured out how our brain works, we know that we should always keep it employed. It is not good when brain is relaxing for a long time. Thus, it can forget the things that once knew. This is the reason why we are using every opportunity to train it. Brain likes to exercise. Also, brain loves puzzles. Puzzles encourage us to use all the needed wits in order to come up with some solution. Such form of task is brain’s favorite. If you have solved all the logical puzzles in the school, now it is the time to relax with some computer games, but those that seeking the brain activities. Way of the Tangram is on top of all puzzles equally interesting and challenging. Click this game if you want to test the ability of your logical thinking. It is needed to solve the task. You should try to solve as many puzzles as you may!