The best opportunities in life are the ones that make you discover new places, meet new people and learn about brand new cultures. This way, people expand their knowledge and become more open to diversities. Accepting things different from those we already know is so hard because it is simply in the nature of the people. Therefore, discovering new things, allows accepting the differences easier. The best way for that are trips. But, if you are not able to travel very often, then the internet is always available for journeys. On the net, you will find billions of computer games that can take you to so many different destinations. Besides entertainment, they offer you introducing with the most important attractions of big cities. If you are interested in this kind of fun, I’m free to offer you this game with gorgeous imagines. Among other things, it will make you recognize whose landmark Coliseum is, as well as Big Ben or Acropolis and so on. It means, your next task is to find all the differences in two almost identical pictures. Enjoy!