Hidden City Stars

Cities offer enormous opportunities. So, their capabilities are increasing depending on their size. This fact is very important for people who live in it. For tourists, it is very important the beauty of the cities and their cultural-historical past. These cities are the most visited and represent an attractive tourist destination. However, there is no general rule that the big cities are better for living than small cities. Yet, the person’s character defines his choice in what kind of environment would like to build his life. According to this, some people are much more comfortable living in small communities. So, after all, every city, regardless of its size has its own unique charms. For me, cities at night are the most beautiful cities. Therefore, I was delighted when I discovered this game which shows the most beautiful cities represented on several images and, nothing less than at night. I enjoy every time I play this game because of the pictures and also, for the task. You need to find 15 stars on each image for a limited period of 5 minutes. Don’t waste your time, but take a romantic walk through the cities!