Fun Cartoons Memory

There is no need to explain the influence of cartoons to our life. No matter whether as children or as adults, we love them with the same amount of love because they entertain us. They just have a special place in our hearts. Also, another group of entertainment content, which has a special place in our spare time, is computer games. And, again I want you to present a very interesting game that looked for its content among the most famous cartoons. You certainly know that the most famous characters spawned from Disney family. Now, let’s go back to the game. Each of those famous characters found its place behind a green field. Click on it to reverse it and see the character. Then, try to remember his place since your job is to locate his pair. This game is a real challenge for your memory. It consists of 6 levels with different number of cartoon pairs. We begin from the easiest and going to the most demanding level. According to this, given time for your task is increasing. I hope this is enough to intrigue you and the next thing you would do is to click the play button. Best of luck!