Snow Ghost Jigsaw

A little bit of a scary scene is in front of you due to the coldness that can be felt even through this image. As you can see, a scary winter and scary wolf showed their teeth. But, you have to admit that at the same time they are so sweet like this all together. They say that the cold winter weather gather together even the worst opponents and enemies. Rarely, man is a friend with a wolf, but sometimes it happens especially when their survival depends on mutual help. Let us back again to the picture. The landscape is beautiful since winter is covered everything in white. And, no one is out there except three creatures that went to defy the winter. This strange combination attracted me to use this picture for a puzzle game. I enjoyed the picture and that was enough for me to hope that you will enjoy playing this puzzle. Look well at the picture and remember all its elements in order to re-assemble it after pressing shuffle button. Check your puzzle’s ability and according to that select the game mode. There are 4 game modes considerate to the number of puzzle pieces that you need to use. Also, it is determining the given time for the task. But, if you do not like to rush and rather love to enjoy the game, then feel free to turn off the timer. Good luck!