The way of the tangram

Everyone likes to solve all kinds of logical tasks because they are the biggest challenge for the human brain. Sometimes you need to invest a lot of effort in order to come to the solution, but it further increases your pleasure since you reached the final result. Mostly, these challenges can be found on the Internet in the form of computer games online. I suggest you find Way of the Tangram game whose image you may see above as a little introduction to what follows. You need to create several mathematical numbers from the given paper pieces with different forms. It means that your job is very interesting and attractive because you have to consider well where to place the given part. You can move it and rotate it if you click on it with the left mouse. How quickly can you solve each level depends on you only. Therefore, you should try this game whenever you want to test your logical thinking. It is the most precious possession that man can have. However, the positive side of all this human skill can be practiced, so I suggest you start with this game. Have a nice time!