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Disney Hidden Numbers


Cartoons are the most-used entertainment by the side of children. They learn very fast all the cartoon characters and enjoy into their adventures. Lately, this kind of entertainment has been replaced with a computer, but kids still looking for computer games that have some sort of connection with the cartoons. Here’s a terrific game that recoups several famous Disney animated movies. According to this, images from these films are used for hiding numbers. Thus, Disney Hidden Numbers game emerged simply to attempt your observer abilities and certainly, it is very necessary to love cartoons. You need to find 15 hidden numbers in order to move to the next level and experience the next adventure even better than the previous one. I wish you a pleasant entertainment!


City of Atlantis

In case you love hidden object games, then the City of Atlantis game on the net will bring you fun that only hidden games can bring you directly into your house. If you have good observation abilities for finding things, then this addictive game is just for your size. Select it to meet with the city first. It is a little bit of creepy city full of old things. Do you have enough courage to go to one researching adventure into a very strange place? Atlantis seems to be the location where all the objects have suddenly lost. Live can’t function normally without some particular objects so, here is you task. You should find all the required objects within a given period of time. There is a list of things you need to look for. You will get 100 points for every correct item. But, if you make mistakes, it will cost you 50 points from your score. If you want to finish your job before time runs out, you have to be very careful because objects are very well hidden. Now, let’s start with the search!