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Disney Hidden Numbers


Cartoons are the most-used entertainment by the side of children. They learn very fast all the cartoon characters and enjoy into their adventures. Lately, this kind of entertainment has been replaced with a computer, but kids still looking for computer games that have some sort of connection with the cartoons. Here’s a terrific game that recoups several famous Disney animated movies. According to this, images from these films are used for hiding numbers. Thus, Disney Hidden Numbers game emerged simply to attempt your observer abilities and certainly, it is very necessary to love cartoons. You need to find 15 hidden numbers in order to move to the next level and experience the next adventure even better than the previous one. I wish you a pleasant entertainment!


Way Of The Tangram

The way of the tangram

Everyone likes to solve all kinds of logical tasks because they are the biggest challenge for the human brain. Sometimes you need to invest a lot of effort in order to come to the solution, but it further increases your pleasure since you reached the final result. Mostly, these challenges can be found on the Internet in the form of computer games online. I suggest you find Way of the Tangram game whose image you may see above as a little introduction to what follows. You need to create several mathematical numbers from the given paper pieces with different forms. It means that your job is very interesting and attractive because you have to consider well where to place the given part. You can move it and rotate it if you click on it with the left mouse. How quickly can you solve each level depends on you only. Therefore, you should try this game whenever you want to test your logical thinking. It is the most precious possession that man can have. However, the positive side of all this human skill can be practiced, so I suggest you start with this game. Have a nice time!

Harry Potter Slider

Harry Potter Slider

The only thing that can make children to mute is magic. Their mouth is wide open while watching all kinds of magician shows. This is certainly a sign of the great interest and enthusiasm to kids. So, when Harry Potter’s character is appeared, children everywhere around the world were simply enchanted. They carefully followed his adventures and secretly wanted to be in his place. Many children, after this movie decided to attend courses for magicians. This whole euphoria lasted a long time and I think it is still lasting up to date, and it is not stopping only to film. However, this great magician entered into children’s lives through many different ways. One of them is through computer games. As a child I was always fascinated of puzzle. That is the reason I made this game when I saw this beautiful picture. After starting the game, immediately becomes clear what your assignment is. Disoriented cubes from this puzzle jigsaw should be moved around the board and bring them at the right place in order to make the initial image. You have no limits, so just enjoy!

Fun Cartoons Memory

Fun Cartoons Memory

There is no need to explain the influence of cartoons to our life. No matter whether as children or as adults, we love them with the same amount of love because they entertain us. They just have a special place in our hearts. Also, another group of entertainment content, which has a special place in our spare time, is computer games. And, again I want you to present a very interesting game that looked for its content among the most famous cartoons. You certainly know that the most famous characters spawned from Disney family. Now, let’s go back to the game. Each of those famous characters found its place behind a green field. Click on it to reverse it and see the character. Then, try to remember his place since your job is to locate his pair. This game is a real challenge for your memory. It consists of 6 levels with different number of cartoon pairs. We begin from the easiest and going to the most demanding level. According to this, given time for your task is increasing. I hope this is enough to intrigue you and the next thing you would do is to click the play button. Best of luck!

Find The Missing Wheel

Hidden Expedition The Missing Wheel

Time is priceless component of the life. So, do not waste your time on irrelevant things. Actually, the things are getting their importance according to our character. The thing that seems to us irrelevant, it can be very important to someone else. This is the reason that we can’t rank things by their relevance. But, it is a little bit different with kids. One thing is sure. For every child, computer games have the same importance. Almost there is not a child who does not know what is the computer and how it works. Even though, computers are used for very large and complicated things; kids do not care about it. They constantly have interests for computer games. So, I want to present a very interesting game to you in order not to waste time on searching games on the net. Hidden Expedition is the right game for the ones who hunger for the adventure. This is the story. One famous oversea expedition which carries loads sailed in a port. The reason is that the expedition has lost their wheel, but has to be somewhere here into the houses by the shore. Do you want to help? We are looking for people with very sharp eyes who won’t let some parts be missed. Check in!

How will you use a Magic Wand?

Hidden Magic Wand

Every man has lots of wishes, and that is just fine because he always tries to make them come true. Having desires is equal to have the strength of moving ahead. In life, the most needed strength is exactly this kind of strength, the one that makes you go on and on. But, sometimes despite all the efforts that we invest, simply nothing goes well. Then, we desperately wish for one magic wand to make things easier. Do you have a lot of desires? If somehow, you have this kind of opportunity to own the magic wand, which desire will have the priority? Starting from my own needs, I believe that your wishes too are closely related to love. Love is only worth to invest your maxim powers into it. And, now let us go to make our wishes the reality. But, first we must find some magic wand. This world needs all the magic available!

Unique Chance to Discover Europe


The best opportunities in life are the ones that make you discover new places, meet new people and learn about brand new cultures. This way, people expand their knowledge and become more open to diversities. Accepting things different from those we already know is so hard because it is simply in the nature of the people. Therefore, discovering new things, allows accepting the differences easier. The best way for that are trips. But, if you are not able to travel very often, then the internet is always available for journeys. On the net, you will find billions of computer games that can take you to so many different destinations. Besides entertainment, they offer you introducing with the most important attractions of big cities. If you are interested in this kind of fun, I’m free to offer you this game with gorgeous imagines. Among other things, it will make you recognize whose landmark Coliseum is, as well as Big Ben or Acropolis and so on. It means, your next task is to find all the differences in two almost identical pictures. Enjoy!

Try to find the Hidden Rabbit

Hidden Rabbit

Rabbits can be very fun. Also, they are cute and soft. Kids like to play with them, but rabbits are timid and rather want to hide. They are hidden even here at several beautiful pictures. If you wan to play this game you need to find them all within given time. Good luck!

Solve The Puzzle

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Human brain never rests. It is run constantly by conscious and unconscious impulses. Brain works even when we sleep. If we imagine our body like one symphonic orchestra, the brain is its maestro. Therefore, nothing in our body would work properly without its big role. Although we have not completely figured out how our brain works, we know that we should always keep it employed. It is not good when brain is relaxing for a long time. Thus, it can forget the things that once knew. This is the reason why we are using every opportunity to train it. Brain likes to exercise. Also, brain loves puzzles. Puzzles encourage us to use all the needed wits in order to come up with some solution. Such form of task is brain’s favorite. If you have solved all the logical puzzles in the school, now it is the time to relax with some computer games, but those that seeking the brain activities. Way of the Tangram is on top of all puzzles equally interesting and challenging. Click this game if you want to test the ability of your logical thinking. It is needed to solve the task. You should try to solve as many puzzles as you may!

Hidden Secrets The Nightmare

Hidden Secrets The Nightmare

We know that we need to wake up in order to realize our dreams. Also, we know that man needs a sleep after each busy day. The body has to rebuild its energy and this is only possible during sleeping. But, generally dreams are not all pleasant. When man is very tired or under stress, he is often tortured by nightmares. Doctors say that this is normal and our subconscious is in question. So, it creates a confusing picture into the brain depending on what we are faced with in the real life. However, this is not the worst thing we can experience. The worst nightmares are those that are happening to us while we are awake. Surely, frequent occurrence is that the events in our life resemble a horrible nightmare. One such a situation is when something bad happened to us and whole life turned upside down. Can you imagine that? So, all of this is fine as long as we are talking about the story of a computer game. Here is the point. The main character of this game suffered a terrible accident in an attempt to be robed. Due to a nasty fall, she has lost her memory and everything changed. Now, she is in the hospital, unable to remember even her own name. Help her regain the memory and catch the criminals. Do you find this story interesting?