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Princess And The Frog


Every little girl wants to be a princess. And, it is so rightful thing because girl-baby is always called the little princess. Also, children grow up with stories and cartoons about princesses. But, fairy tales are the most famous places where princesses are hidden. Whichever fairy tale you choose, it will introduce you with the most beautiful girl who has a beautiful story that barely waits to be read. Sometimes, some fairy tale enters into the big screen, so it’s wonderful to watch it instead of reading it. Here’s a tale that has its own animated movie and now, it has a computer game of the same name and with the same character. Princess and the Frog is a proper game for girls. If you select to play it you will see some very important steps in the care of female beauty. It is an area which certainly the girls are interested in. Have a great time!


Snow White Slider


You have discovered just another sunning game taken right from your favorite fairy tale. Snow White is the main character in the fairy tale as well as in this game. Prepare your puzzle skills since they are needed to solve this slider game. Here what is it about! Look at this magnificent picture full of love. You will notice that it is all there together. You will see the Snow White, the handsome prince and the 7 dwarfs. But, after you click the play button, everything will be mixed up. So, your task is to bring back each small square of this image into the right place by sliding it. You don’t have to be fast since this game has no time limit. Also, you may use the hint buttons if you run into some problems. Click on the background or graphic button in order to ease your task. By the way, the main goal of this game is to preserve fun only for you!

Lamp of Aladdin

Dreams can come true. Actually, it is more about plans. When we want to accomplish a goal, we create the best plan we can in order to reach it. Every wish requires a lot of effort and energy. All thou, only a few can come true, no matter how much we try. According to this, sometimes we desire desperately to live in the world of dreams. There, every wish is reachable because of the good fairies. They can help dreams to become a reality with a bit of magic and your effort isn’t necessary. We are talking about fairy tales reality where is allowed to create your own world of dreams. That would be wonderful, isn’t it? However, you shouldn’t go too far with it. Don’t take this serious. You may use it only when you want to entertain yourself and when you want to escape from the reality. The best way for that is to select Lamp of Aladdin game. It is full of strange wishes and ways to reach them. The strangest thing of all is the genie from the lamp. There isn’t any wish that he can’t make come true. It can be about everything that you may have in mind. But also, you have to do something for the genie. Join Aladdin to discover the story and to offer him your help. The word is about one unforgettable journey so; don’t let the carpet flies without you. Have a nice time!