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iPhone Mystery


A normal communication among people wasn’t imaginable without phones several decades ago. Later, they were replaced whit mobile devices as the newest invention. They greatly facilitate people’s life. Today it’s impossible to find a person without mobile phone. And, each year, mobiles become more and more sophisticated. Now, we have already entered the era of iPhones. They are real small miracles in the hands of people who know how to use all their potentials. But, sometimes it happens to lose our phone and we are sad because of that. Maybe it is not a big deal for us but, certainly is for Steve Jobs. He must find his iPhone and heeds your help. Above is the map with all places where he was last 24 hours.


You can start your search from which place you like. I have started from the Hugo’s Restaurant and I’m moving forward. The aim of this game is to enjoy, but be aware the the time for this exciting job is limited to 8 minutes. Good luck!


Hairdressing Salon For Bald Men

We are paying a big attention to our hair because it is a very important symbol of our beauty. Good hairstyle gives a decent look. So, every person whether is a man or a woman spends a lot of time on the hair care. But, we can’t do that only by ourselves. Very often, we look for hairdresser’s help. Admit that you like to visit the hairdressing salon as much as I do. Also, you must admit that you haven’t seen a Hairdressing Salon For Bald Men. Let us go together right now. I promise a great fun!

How will you use a Magic Wand?

Hidden Magic Wand

Every man has lots of wishes, and that is just fine because he always tries to make them come true. Having desires is equal to have the strength of moving ahead. In life, the most needed strength is exactly this kind of strength, the one that makes you go on and on. But, sometimes despite all the efforts that we invest, simply nothing goes well. Then, we desperately wish for one magic wand to make things easier. Do you have a lot of desires? If somehow, you have this kind of opportunity to own the magic wand, which desire will have the priority? Starting from my own needs, I believe that your wishes too are closely related to love. Love is only worth to invest your maxim powers into it. And, now let us go to make our wishes the reality. But, first we must find some magic wand. This world needs all the magic available!

Take The Challenge

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There are millions of challenging games on the net. All of them are competing for our attention. At the end, the most challenging games will win and occupy the most of our free time. We like these kinds of games because of the fact that they can attempt our brain. It is a very important since we like to prove ourselves how smart we are. So, this is a perfect game for that. Select Blox Forever game whenever you want to train your brain. Your job is to find a logical solution in order no single blox, to stay without its pair. You should watch on the obstructions that can block your way out. Now, let’s start the game and show us your strategy. All the best!