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iPhone Mystery


A normal communication among people wasn’t imaginable without phones several decades ago. Later, they were replaced whit mobile devices as the newest invention. They greatly facilitate people’s life. Today it’s impossible to find a person without mobile phone. And, each year, mobiles become more and more sophisticated. Now, we have already entered the era of iPhones. They are real small miracles in the hands of people who know how to use all their potentials. But, sometimes it happens to lose our phone and we are sad because of that. Maybe it is not a big deal for us but, certainly is for Steve Jobs. He must find his iPhone and heeds your help. Above is the map with all places where he was last 24 hours.


You can start your search from which place you like. I have started from the Hugo’s Restaurant and I’m moving forward. The aim of this game is to enjoy, but be aware the the time for this exciting job is limited to 8 minutes. Good luck!


Enchanted Room

Enchanted Room

Are you a person of a style? Do you love more to dress up or to arrange the living space? Those two things are important equally and we always try to find a balance. No matter what, everyone likes to live into beautifully equipped houses. If you have solid opportunities for arranging the house, then you want to hear an expert opinion. People, who professionally arrange interiors, can be of a great benefit. Also, very useful for organizing your living space can be pictures from beautifully furnished rooms. You can find such pictures into one place named Enchanted Room. Although it is about a computer game, you can use it for two purposes. First, the game pictures will give you many ideas for free and second, the game task will provide you with some fun and relaxation in your spare time. Let us get started!

Games for Kids


Undoubtedly, children love computer games very much. They are always too short of the time determined for computer. As a parent, you can’t definitely restrict them from being on the internet. But, you can control the contents they are visiting. If your kids are up to that age to love games, then maybe you could tell them, which games are best for their growing up. Therefore, I want to help you about your best selection by offering the hidden object games. You may check them first, and then suggest them to your children because of the next reasons. The main goal of these games is to develop the power of observation since kids need to search for hidden items. The objects are carefully hidden all over the pictures and your task is to find them all. So, kids enjoy in these games since the images are so amazing that they stay focused until they finish the game task. This is very important for children’s concentration. By the way, their learning about new items, professions, animals or countries becomes easier with hidden games because they are full of information that don’t additionally pressure them or burden them. We can conclude that kids are taught and entertained at the same time. Likewise, through these games children can develop some other skills like precision, memory and speed as some games are limited with given time. For start, I think it’s enough to go and look for some of the hidden object games in order to make sure in the above text!

Rescue Your Boyfriend

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Love is wonderful, love is sweet and love is magic. It is written in our genes, the ability of falling in love. Nobody knows how, simply it is so. And, there is no escape from it. Everyone has to fall in love at least once in their life. Very often, looking for a soul-mate can take a little more time, but no matter what, love determines our lives. It is always on the first place, and everything else he can wait when comes up to love. Therefore, we say we are so lucky if we found the right person to love. Then, we hope that it will last a lifetime. But, it is not always like that in the real life. Sometimes, unintended and very bad situations can occur easily to every one of us and man needs to know to handle them. It is not simple, but if you want to go further in life, you have to be strong because accidents always happen. For example, a very hard case is when suddenly disappears your boyfriend, and his rescue depends only on you. What would you do if you found yourself in such a situation? Have you thought about how big your love is and what is ready to do? Here’s a real test for your love, find this romantic game on the net. You will enjoy as much as it is a tricky situation in fact!

Hidden Objects-Modern House

Hidden Objects-Modern House

I’m taking you to a sightseeing of some beautiful modern houses. Just save the excitement for later, and now you should concentrate on your task. You need to find some hidden objects from the given list. Have a nice time!

Indus Valley Hidden Treasure

Indus Valley Hidden Treasure

Hidden or secret things usually attract our attention. Because of this, throughout history there are countless stories about people who have tried to reveal something secret. Mostly, it was connected with hidden treasure. Many of those people were lucky enough to find it and change their lives completely. Today, it is a very rare occurrence or remained at the level of unrealized wish. However, our attention still remains eager to the mysterious events. According to this, whenever we have time we focus on something like that. Considering the fact that today’s entertainment is usually caused by computer contents, our attention, as well is turned on the titles associated with something hidden. In this context, I want to recommend a perfect game for your laser time. Indus Valley Hidden treasure is one of those games that will intrigue you with its task. You need to find a list of items that are hidden in a very interesting picture of Indus Valley. You should make an effort to explore more about this ancient civilization in order to expand your knowledge. And, what will you get by the way, refers to the time spent pleasantly. All the best!

Jenny Crazy Room

Jenny Crazy Room
One of the basic human obligations is cleaning after use. It is necessary to return things at their right place every day. If for some unknown reason, we are delaying this duty, the big problem arises. We are facing with a big mess that is difficult to repair it fast or which it requires a long time to return everything to its place. So, if you are acting nonchalant with cleaning the house, then you should expect to be found yourself into an awkward situation especially when suddenly some friends have arrived. Then, you won’t have enough time to clean up all this mess due to the fact that we don’t want our friends to see that. However, according to this, it is best to clear immediately after using some object or to use everyone’s help when your friends are suddenly come. So, Jenny is caught in this kind of situation and now, she is calling for help. Her room is in a big mess and friends are just about to arrive. Hurry up to clean her room. As we have said before, time for arranging the room is short, so make sure to be as much effective to find all the items from the given list quickly. I hope that cleaning the room in a hurry is fun for you!

Come to Mysteryville

Can you say for yourself that you are brave? Or, how far your courage reaches? I think that if you want to explore something new, then it is inevitable to have courage. This is also closely related to a preparedness to take risks. Discovering the unknown requires great risk-taking, especially if it is about your job. Then, you must be prepared on everything your boss asks you to do. Imagine this; you are a journalist sent on a mission of making a story about one mysterious town. You have never been there before and never heard that it is possible disappearance of cats on its streets. Very strange, is not it? How about this situation, would you go on a mysterious journey on which you do not know what to expect. The real worker and a true fan of his job will have no doubt, but he will go immediately to buy the ticket. So, I offer you a free ticket for such kinds of a mysterious journey. Mysteryville is the place you need to visit. You should follow the game instructions on the way and give your best to prove that you’re the right person for this job. Best of luck!

The Lost Ship

The Lost Ship

It is a number of reasons why accidents occur. Sometimes, even when you know the reason, it is impossible to predict and prevent an accident. All we can do is to request a big amount of attention and concentration from the participants in the traffic. When some accident happens, there is nothing much to do, only to examine the cause and to punish the culprits. But, even this procedure is not possible when it is about a ship accident. Often, we hear on the news that some ship accident occurred at sea, but chances for determining the reasons are very weak. Simply, the sea swallowed all the evidence, which can be explored. Chances to detect anything connected with the accident depend on the sea deep. Man, despite all his ultimate discoveries, is not able to reach the great depth, yet. So, seabed is a real grave of missing ships. But, there are situations where suddenly appear the lost ships. Lonely shores are places where they may be seen. As much in the reality also, in the computer world, we can find such things. Especially, computer games separate room for great adventures caused by mysterious accidents. Select The Lost Ship game, if you want to feel the thrill of exploration and discovering the past. Have a nice play!

Merry Christmas Hidden Items

Merry Christmas Hidden Items

The holidays are always a damn good reason to gather the whole family together. We left aside all our jobs and boring problems in order to welcome the holidays in the best mood. However, every holiday has its special significance and its preparations. I can say for myself that I especially love Christmas and everything that is related to it. First, we prepare the house and decorate each corner. Then, we buy Christmas tree and decorate it as well, and put the gifts under it. The next are preparations of a nice dinner and pick up all the family members to enjoy the holiday atmosphere. A lot of people think that this holiday is the most beautiful of all and because of the outer picture. Winter with its pure white beauty comes along with Christmas as an inevitable guest. If all this things fascinate you, then you will love all the content associated with this great holiday. Today, I set one computer game for you. Feel free to select Merry Christmas Hidden Items and drown in the festive atmosphere. I’m sure this game will recall back the authentic memories of the most beautiful Christmas you have ever celebrated!