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Disney Hidden Numbers


Cartoons are the most-used entertainment by the side of children. They learn very fast all the cartoon characters and enjoy into their adventures. Lately, this kind of entertainment has been replaced with a computer, but kids still looking for computer games that have some sort of connection with the cartoons. Here’s a terrific game that recoups several famous Disney animated movies. According to this, images from these films are used for hiding numbers. Thus, Disney Hidden Numbers game emerged simply to attempt your observer abilities and certainly, it is very necessary to love cartoons. You need to find 15 hidden numbers in order to move to the next level and experience the next adventure even better than the previous one. I wish you a pleasant entertainment!


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An inspiration for a good computer game, certainly can give holidays from our life. It is so because holidays bring many happy and fun moments and as well the game is expected to be fun and entertaining. Usually these games are for kids, but also adults sometimes may fill their free time. So, let us check some facts. Halloween is one of the most interesting and joyful holidays mostly because of making and wearing masks. This is the reason that children are trying to choose the most beautiful costumes and hope to be more and more creative each next year. If you love this holiday, then you should check also, this game. It is a very fun and addictive game that can hold your attention for a long time. And, you can test your observing abilities, too. Play and have fun!



Children are the most precious gift from God you can ever receive. As a parent, you must know that it is a big responsibility to raise children as well as sacrifices that will inevitably have to make. Therefore, the kids always come on the first place. In order to function normally, these two the most important components of life, there are other people and institutions to help in child-raising. Especially, if you are a working parent then you know what I am talking about. And, also you know how important the role of the kindergarten is for you and as well for your children. In that purpose, I want you to meet Mila, the manager of one adorable kindergarten. Take a tour with her and, see if she may gain your confidence to bring your kid in for babysitting. Try it, it is very fun!


Find The Missing Wheel

Hidden Expedition The Missing Wheel

Time is priceless component of the life. So, do not waste your time on irrelevant things. Actually, the things are getting their importance according to our character. The thing that seems to us irrelevant, it can be very important to someone else. This is the reason that we can’t rank things by their relevance. But, it is a little bit different with kids. One thing is sure. For every child, computer games have the same importance. Almost there is not a child who does not know what is the computer and how it works. Even though, computers are used for very large and complicated things; kids do not care about it. They constantly have interests for computer games. So, I want to present a very interesting game to you in order not to waste time on searching games on the net. Hidden Expedition is the right game for the ones who hunger for the adventure. This is the story. One famous oversea expedition which carries loads sailed in a port. The reason is that the expedition has lost their wheel, but has to be somewhere here into the houses by the shore. Do you want to help? We are looking for people with very sharp eyes who won’t let some parts be missed. Check in!

Take a Look at Kids Bedroom

When we talk about kid’s bedroom we imagine right away a room full of toys. This is like unwritten role; wherever there are kids, there must be toys around. Children play with different toys most of the time or use them into the room as decoration. Everybody loves toys even when we are not children any more. We keep them long after that period because toys initiate wonderful memories of our childhood. Such is the case with the computer games on this topic. We always like to select some good game that will remind us on our toys and long kids’ plays. Or, if you are child right now, you will certainly fall in love in Kids Bedroom searching game. This amazing game will introduce you to one beautiful kid’s room full of toys. It is a little bit messy, but it is not a problem at all to come and play. Actually, your task is to clean the room and find all the necessary toys from the list. Show us your perception skills if you want to progress in the game. Time is limited, so you have to be quick with the task of searching toys. They are scattered all over the room. Try to click only on the required one. Have a nice kid’s play!