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Snow White Slider


You have discovered just another sunning game taken right from your favorite fairy tale. Snow White is the main character in the fairy tale as well as in this game. Prepare your puzzle skills since they are needed to solve this slider game. Here what is it about! Look at this magnificent picture full of love. You will notice that it is all there together. You will see the Snow White, the handsome prince and the 7 dwarfs. But, after you click the play button, everything will be mixed up. So, your task is to bring back each small square of this image into the right place by sliding it. You don’t have to be fast since this game has no time limit. Also, you may use the hint buttons if you run into some problems. Click on the background or graphic button in order to ease your task. By the way, the main goal of this game is to preserve fun only for you!


Little Romeo And Juliet


All we need is love and understanding. You must know that our life is pointless without love. Yes, of course. We all know about that no matter of the age, but Romeo and Juliet knew about love, the most of all. So, it is the most famous lovers in the world literature, who realized that they can’t live without love. But, today I won’t be so harsh with their love. Someone was freely to play a little bit with Romeo and Juliet love story, actually with its end. Certainly, there is a couple very much in love, but this way into a very interesting computer game. You will discover this extremely interesting story, if you find all the hidden differences at several wonderful pictures. I hope you will enjoy!

Love Story-Just Like a Fantasy

Love Story

Words I LOVE YOU are the most desirable words to hear. But, love is not just a word. Falling in love is a special state of one soul which seeks to match with another soul. Love makes two heads wearing the same thoughts and two pairs of eyes looking at the same direction. Only love has that magic power to increase when it is shared. Because of that, there is no room for selfishness in love’s state. You must show how much you care about some person through your gentle actions. Love words help very much in it. But, still the words are unsure confirmation of love. It is very nice to hear such words, but we always doubt in their truthfulness. We believe more in the actions which resulting from that love. So, very often look for ways in order to check how much we are loved. For this purpose, I know an easy way to test your boyfriend and have fun at the same time. Nobody likes to be tested, but believe me, this will like him. Select the game Love Story and enjoy!