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The Lost Ship

The Lost Ship

It is a number of reasons why accidents occur. Sometimes, even when you know the reason, it is impossible to predict and prevent an accident. All we can do is to request a big amount of attention and concentration from the participants in the traffic. When some accident happens, there is nothing much to do, only to examine the cause and to punish the culprits. But, even this procedure is not possible when it is about a ship accident. Often, we hear on the news that some ship accident occurred at sea, but chances for determining the reasons are very weak. Simply, the sea swallowed all the evidence, which can be explored. Chances to detect anything connected with the accident depend on the sea deep. Man, despite all his ultimate discoveries, is not able to reach the great depth, yet. So, seabed is a real grave of missing ships. But, there are situations where suddenly appear the lost ships. Lonely shores are places where they may be seen. As much in the reality also, in the computer world, we can find such things. Especially, computer games separate room for great adventures caused by mysterious accidents. Select The Lost Ship game, if you want to feel the thrill of exploration and discovering the past. Have a nice play!


The Stone of Destiny

The Stone of Destiny

Very often we are witnessed unexpected situations. They are simply, an integral part of our lives. Because of those situations, sometimes we are pleasantly surprised, but sometimes they can be a real disaster. The greatest sorrow bring situation when it takes away or mysteriously disappears some one you love. Exactly this kind of situation is presented in The Stone of Destiny game. It is good until we are experiencing such situations only through computer games and we are dealing with resolving a mysterious case just for fun. So, you should select this game to find the clues, which will lead you to the place of the uncle’s disappearance. The main game’s character tries to find a trace on what is left after his disappearance. Into his hands, there is a list of objects he needs to find and hopes to get some answers. Come to look for clues together and you will have the unique opportunity to search for hidden objects in the strangest places that you have ever seen. Between the levels the stone of destiny requires to draw a symbol just the same as you see at the bottom of the screen to continue the search. In one word, you will be maximally entertained!