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Today’s modern life has its positive and also negative effects. With every new discovery, we lost a bit of our free time. So, computers are among the most used new discoveries. They took the place to almost every entertainment media. People who liked to read books, now they do that on the web. If you want to watch movies, you can do that on the internet. Every kind of information is available to you with a single click on the keyboard. So, the computers are everywhere. Therefore, computer games still represent the biggest sphere of interests. All reachable games are very good and provide the expected amount of entertainment. But, lately the most requested games are created by the well-known animated films. Right now, I want to introduce you to Summer Wars Hidden Objects game. This game takes the story of one famous Japanese animated movie. It is about one math genius kid implicated into the virtual world. So, he needs to find a way out to stop the artificial intelligence from making more losses. Your job in all this is to search for hidden objects at the pictures taken from this movie. Have fun!