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iPhone Mystery


A normal communication among people wasn’t imaginable without phones several decades ago. Later, they were replaced whit mobile devices as the newest invention. They greatly facilitate people’s life. Today it’s impossible to find a person without mobile phone. And, each year, mobiles become more and more sophisticated. Now, we have already entered the era of iPhones. They are real small miracles in the hands of people who know how to use all their potentials. But, sometimes it happens to lose our phone and we are sad because of that. Maybe it is not a big deal for us but, certainly is for Steve Jobs. He must find his iPhone and heeds your help. Above is the map with all places where he was last 24 hours.


You can start your search from which place you like. I have started from the Hugo’s Restaurant and I’m moving forward. The aim of this game is to enjoy, but be aware the the time for this exciting job is limited to 8 minutes. Good luck!


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An inspiration for a good computer game, certainly can give holidays from our life. It is so because holidays bring many happy and fun moments and as well the game is expected to be fun and entertaining. Usually these games are for kids, but also adults sometimes may fill their free time. So, let us check some facts. Halloween is one of the most interesting and joyful holidays mostly because of making and wearing masks. This is the reason that children are trying to choose the most beautiful costumes and hope to be more and more creative each next year. If you love this holiday, then you should check also, this game. It is a very fun and addictive game that can hold your attention for a long time. And, you can test your observing abilities, too. Play and have fun!



Children are the most precious gift from God you can ever receive. As a parent, you must know that it is a big responsibility to raise children as well as sacrifices that will inevitably have to make. Therefore, the kids always come on the first place. In order to function normally, these two the most important components of life, there are other people and institutions to help in child-raising. Especially, if you are a working parent then you know what I am talking about. And, also you know how important the role of the kindergarten is for you and as well for your children. In that purpose, I want you to meet Mila, the manager of one adorable kindergarten. Take a tour with her and, see if she may gain your confidence to bring your kid in for babysitting. Try it, it is very fun!


Prince and Princess Jigsaw

Prince and Princess Jigsaw

What we like about computer games is fun and the way how they check our abilities. All of them have different tasks, which require involving the brain activity to solve those tasks. The bigger task the greater challenge you are facing with. So, very often we select puzzle games like an appropriate way of checking our perception skills. As it is known, every jigsaw is made of a beautiful picture with lots of pieces. Look at this one above that I have today for you. You must admit that it is the cutest couple you have ever seen. Press shuffle to disorient the pieces and try to bring them back together as it were at the very beginning. See how much time you need for this task!

Hairdressing Salon For Bald Men

We are paying a big attention to our hair because it is a very important symbol of our beauty. Good hairstyle gives a decent look. So, every person whether is a man or a woman spends a lot of time on the hair care. But, we can’t do that only by ourselves. Very often, we look for hairdresser’s help. Admit that you like to visit the hairdressing salon as much as I do. Also, you must admit that you haven’t seen a Hairdressing Salon For Bald Men. Let us go together right now. I promise a great fun!

Wild Mirror

Every single living thing on the planet is unique. This fact is slightly different as far as the objects. Still people are fascinated by the similarity. The thing that fascinates the most is similarity in humans. So, identical people cause the greatest interests. Even in to such situations there are some differences no matter how unnoticeable they are. In order to this, we will be very happy if we managed to discover them. Do you like to search for differences? If it is yes, there so many ways in which you can show your skills since you will need them to notice a difference. However, computer games are on the first place in these tasks. They offer identical pictures with very small differences. So, prepare well your perceptive abilities in order to do your job. You may start with Wilde Mirror game and if you are good in this task look for some more on the web. Have fun!